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Disco Conversion Therapy

Armed only with a crate of dusty records and a dream, dancefloor anthropologists The Dollar Bin Darlings have dug into the forgotten archives for the real story of Disco.

jonny hawkins

Disco Conversion Therapy

A history lesson, a lecture, a sermon, a party.

This Disco manifesto might just change your life. Bring your cool mum, bring your nephew, bring Dave from Accounts, because everyone must hear Aunty Jonny’s edifying history of radical music, sexed-up dance floors and those people your mother warned you about. We believe in DISCO, we believe in LOVE, and we believe in YOU.

Here’s a playlist of the most authentic early Disco for you to listen to on Spotify.



Tubular Bells for Two
“A live music experience, a virtuoso performance from two musicians at the top of their game.”  Edinburgh Evening News. Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts skillfully recreate Oldfield’s 1973 masterpiece, performed in real time by just two multi-talented musicians. with only four hands and four feet – More info

TB42 Live - by Joanne Kee

For performances contact: jkee(at)

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