Founded in 2007, places + spaces aims to take independent artists to wider audiences through:

Performance opportunities
Creative developments
Producing artists

“Integral to our vision is excellence, accessibility, inspiring experiences and a desire to take contemporary Australian performances to wider audience,” says Artistic Director Joanne Kee

Our current producing and creative development work includes Disco Conversion Therapy with Jonny Hawkins, Tubular Bells for Two and Matt Keegan’s international tour. Previous projects have included  Wordless with Art Spiegelman and Phillip Johnston, the Sun Songbook, Alon Ilsar’s Air Sticks, and the Vampires international tours.

Previously we have presented the Common Eclectic performance series at Glebe Town Hall and our jazz music series at the Factory Theatre featuring artists such as James Muller, The Necks, Crusty Suitcase Band, Sandy Evans Indian Project, Elana Stone, Alister Spence and Kristin Berardi. We launched a creative development and performance space, Cockatoo Calling on Cockatoo Island in 2011 where we assisted with the development of new projects such as Salvation Street Shout. Plus we hosted performances by What is music, the Song Company and Hinterlandt. Then we moved to the Rocks and continued with Mapletrail, Aidan Roberts, Acronym Orchestra, Michaela Davis, Enigma Quartet, Martin Kay, Linsey Pollak, Chris Abrahams, Taikoz, Topology & Karak, Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band, Judy Bailey’s big band, Misinterprotato and Froy Aagre and many more.

* the development of Australian/New Zealand performing arts through presentation, promotion and education
* providing an infrastructure for performers that enables them to grow artistically and commercially and to receive rewards for their success/audience growth
* support of young and emerging musicians and artists;
* the growth of performance opportunities for Australian and New Zealand performers;
* the development and nurturing of new and returning audiences to support live performances
* growing distribution opportunities of original music and live performance through all mediums from traditional to newer generation technologies
* increasing audience interest and support in all these mediums.
* the presentation of Festivals and Seasons which supports the above principals.
These include but are not limited to a Music series and Children’s Festival.

places + spaces is a not for profit incorporated association, on the charitable register and welcomes donations


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